Monuments & Relics Commission

“Preserving Monuments and Relics and Cultural Heritage
Assets for present, past and future generations”

The Monuments and Relics Commission (MRC) was established in 1948 following the passing by Parliament of the Monuments and Relics Ordinance in 1946. The mandate of the Commission, spelt out in the Public Ordinance No. 12 of 1946, is to provide for ‘the preservation of Ancient, historical and natural monuments, relics and other objects of archaeological, ethnographical, historical or other scientific interest’. The Commission was set up as a semi-autonomous corporate body, with its members appointed by the government.

What we do?

Out of the many things we do at Monuments and Relics Commission, here are a few. 

Heritage Preservation

We preserve historic sites which are in danger and help keep them clean and intact at all time

Site Development

We redevelop fallen historic sites in the best way closest to its original look thus helping visitors to get a clearer picture.

Sites Marketing

Our Education & Outreach Officer delivers who we are and what we do along with ongoing projects.

Historic Tours

Let us take you on a very interesting if not touching historic tour across Freetown and our provincial Heritage Sites.

Site Promotion

We promote historic sites thus encouraging visitors from all around the world to visit and get a glimpse of the realities.


Our Research & Development Officer and other partners are always doing their research to keep our archive up to date.

Who we've worked with

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